Welcome to a piece of my heart 


First off hi! Whether you were referred to me or stumbled across my website I'm so happy you're here taking a look at my portfolio and getting to know me. I know trying to find the right photographer can be overwhelming but I'm here to help. Take a look around, browse through my portfolio, read over my pages, you'll get a good feel of who I am as a person and a photographer, and that'll help you decide if I'm the right fit for you. Also if you're curious about what others have said about my work and their experience with me then please click on the icons below! 

I'm a wedding & lifestyle photographer that's 30 years young (my father always says it's only a number!), an Aries if you're into that sort of thing ;) I'm originally from Michigan (go blue!), but have been residing in beautiful, hot Naples, FL since I was a youngin'. I love all things nature especially butterflies and sunflowers. Before pursing my dream full-time I worked with children for 11 years. I'm a huge animal lover, and another random fact is if I could be a punctuation mark I would be an exclamation mark (could you have guessed?!) I use them all too often, and I'm sure it's not grammatically correct but what's the fun in following the rules all of the time? ;) 

Courtney Garbow Photography

"Making time stand still by capturing

the moments your heart desires"