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Did you read about the part that The Notebook is one of my all-time fav love stories?! You did? Okay cool, just wanted to remind you, because that movie is a great showcase about how being in love is such an intense but beautiful thing. It’s a wild ride, but I want you to think about your partner real quick and the things that make you cringe but also smile (because lets be real, it’s not always perfect & neither were Noah & Allie in The Notebook!) I’ll play along, too.

When I look over at my partner while he’s eating cheese wiz out of the can or while he’s working intently on his motorcycle, playing with our dog, or throwing his laundry all over the floor after work …. In the mist of the chaos we call life, it’s those little things that may frustrate the hell out of you or make you smile from the inside out, but no matter what; at the end of the day you freakin’ love the hell out of this human and you want to show the world your connection, the love & friendship you share so closely… so then you choose me, this rad ass photographer 😉 who loves to capture your love, wild & free running through the sand at the beach or relaxing at your fav pizza joint, or maybe grabbing coffee and strolling through the park. Wherever and however you want your love captured, I will be there to bring your love story to life so that you can cherish where your love is now and enjoy looking back on those memories for years to come.

“My boyfriend and I purchased the Adventure Package with Courtney and our experience was so beyond our expectations. The location of the shoot was suggested by Courtney and the setting couldn’t have fit our personalities any better. Her shots and locations were planned ahead of time so it made the shoot very efficient. She also did an amazing job capturing some super candid moments. We are so pleased with the outcome of our photos and are looking forward to many more shoots with her!”

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If you’re ready to get adventurous with me, let your hair down, get silly, share your heart with me and capture all the perfectly imperfect moments then I’m your girl! Give me all the deets! I can’t wait to hear what you envision for your next session or wedding day.

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