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I’m an only child, coming from a family where everyone is all over the place. When my family and I do get together every single second is cherished, and I take more photos than I need to lol. I think this is why I gravitated towards working with children for so many years. I’ve always wanted children and very much look forward to the day when that happens. I do have one close friend though who I consider a sister and the bond I share with her and her children is extremely important to me and another reason why I love photographing families so much. I know that all may sound silly but being able to capture you and your families is truly a blessing.

Motherhood/parenthood is incredible (and exhausting I know from watching my friends with kiddos lol), but they grow up TOO fast so getting photographs of them with tiny little toes and fingers, to walking and soon enough running and playing with you is all so so important. So from the belly bumps that cause butterflies in your tummy, to bringing them into the world and everything after that – let’s get together and capture those incredible moments so that when they’re all grown up you can look back and reminisce together before they bring their own kiddos into this world.

“What an incredible photographer! What she does is art! She was able to capture the most wonderful photographs of my family in such a short amount of time. It was impressive watching her guide us in every setting and allow my 3-year-old and 1-year-old to be free and just capture the fun! When I received my edited photos I just started to cry! My children had never been as beautiful! She created magic during our vacation and we will cherish those memories and these photos forever! If you want the best you need Courtney Garbow Photography!”

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If you’re ready to get adventurous with me, let your hair down, get silly, share your heart with me and capture all the perfectly imperfect moments then I’m your girl! Give me all the deets! I can’t wait to hear what you envision for your next session or wedding day.

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