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It’s true – I LOVE making people feel confident about themselves – especially women, because unfortunately society doesn’t make accepting ourselves very easy. For boudoir sessions I aim to help you feel comfortable and confident. I want you leaving our session feeling empowered and finding a newfound love for yourself inside and out.

Your boudoir session can be indoors or outdoors, but I swear going outside and becoming one with nature will help bring this type of session to a whole new level! As you look through my portfolio, I want you to remember that you can be sexy showing as little skin as you are comfortable with. Boudoir sessions do NOT need lingerie, we can make an over-sized sweater and boy shorts work just fine, trust me!

Don’t worry though, I will give you my suggestions and guide you every step of the way from wardrobe/styling to posing so that you feel 100% comfortable and ready to rock it! Keep in mind, boudoir doesn’t have to just be for a significant other, you can have a self-love session & do it for YOU! It is a great gift idea though *wink*wink* and don’t forget you can involve your partner as well for a couple’s boudoir session! Maternity & Bridal Boudoir also available.

“I have worked with many photographers before, but never have done boudoir photos. I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend and had I not come across Courtney’s work I would’ve never done it. I was nervous but I was able to relax and feel so comfortable in my own skin. By the end of the shoot I felt 1000% empowered and from the shots I can see my boyfriend will love them. Courtney’s energy is so creative, laid back, patient, and kind. 11/10 I will be using her again in the future for other shoots.”


Remember when you were a kid and you went on the high dive for the very first time? I bet you were nervous, and you almost turned around probably at least three times. But you heard your friends and family cheering you on and encouraging you from below, and eventually you took that leap and jumped right in. When you came up for a breathe I bet you had a huge smile on your face, you felt exhilarated, and couldn’t wait to do it again?! Even if that wasn’t you as a kid, I’m sure you can picture it. To me, that’s kind of what an empowerment (aka boudoir) session is like. 

Most of you have never done this before, and I know personally how it feels even considering doing something like this, let alone being brave enough to actually step in front of a camera and do the damn thing, but I promise you once you dive in you’ll be happy that you took that jump! Plus, I will be your personal cheerleader the entire time, encouraging you, directing you, and helping you each step of the way. You’ll be leaving this session feeling like a professional model, ready to do it all over again! 

This session can be for an individual or couple that wants to capture a different side of themselves, a side that is truly beautiful and freeing. It takes a lot of bravery, and vulnerability, but it will lead to a new found feeling of empowerment and confidence you may not know you had 😉 

  • Up to 1.5 hour of shooting time, with 1 location whether at my indoor studio, outdoors, your home, airbnb or hotel which would need to be purchased by client 
  • All communication before, during and after your session that includes but isn’t limited to: Assistance with wardrobe and accessories with specific suggestions/inspo that I feel will suit you best, help with ordering prints, etc 
  • Up to 2 outfits and implied nude (your comfortability during your session is up to you, I will never make you do anything you don’t want to do) 
  • Option to use my client closet props (this will be discussed at booking) *I do not have a client closet of clothing, but I will help you with choosing your outfits that will best suit your session
  • 10 digital images for download chosen by you with option to purchase more or upgrade to the full gallery
  • Additional digital images for download $25/per image 
  • Fully hand edited digital images in high resolution saved on a password protected online gallery for download & to share with your significant other 
  • Option to purchase high quality prints, canvases, albums, etc. via your online gallery
  • Print release

* Returning clients receive 10% off

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If you’re ready to get adventurous with me, let your hair down, get silly, share your heart with me and capture all the perfectly imperfect moments then I’m your girl! Give me all the deets! I can’t wait to hear what you envision for your next session or wedding day.

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