If you've taken a chance to read my about me section then you have a very good idea what you can expect of me and what type of photographer I am, but as you take a look at my work I want you to know that as a photographer

I truly enjoy getting to know my clients before their session.

I want us to have a good relationship before you get in front of my lens. The more comfortable we all are the better our session together will be!


I always say communication is key, so please feel free to contact me so we can coordinate to meet in person or have a Skype/FaceTime conversation to discuss your ideas and bring your vision to life! 


Getting your photograph taken can be somewhat intimidating so if we haven't worked together yet I can assure you that I will do my very best to make you comfortable during your session. 

You may be wondering some things so hopefully this list of frequently asked questions can help you have a better understanding of what to expect during and after your session. If I have not answered a question you may have please feel free to ask me in my contact section.

1. What time is best for my photo shoot? 

Lighting plays a big factor in your images. I personally love working with natural light, so either sunrise/early morning or late afternoon near sunset, but if there are times you have to work around that may not be around those times don't worry! I will make magic for you at any time of the day! Just keep in mind that most of the work you see from my portfolio was either taken during sunrise or sunset - so if you cannot shoot at those times then the lighting in the images will look a bit different. 

2. What should I wear? 

That will depend on what we will be capturing. Once you decide on your session I can assist you with wardrobe ideas and examples for inspiration. I highly suggest not wearing big prints such as stripes/polka-dots or clothing with letters or phrases on them (unless it goes specifically with your session i.e. milestone sessions). 

3. Will you give me all images you take? 

No. As you see in your package details you will be receiving a certain amount of images. You will not receive any unedited/raw images, and any extra edited images you may want will need to be purchased, and that can be discussed after your session. You also are not allowed to edit or alter images in any way other than cropping which will be listed in your contract of services. 

4. What should I bring? 

First and foremost you should bring an open mind and a happy heart! There will be times that I may ask you to do something that may seem odd to you (like get in a bush or get in the ocean), but I promise you the more open you are to my direction the better images we can bring to life! I love being adventurous and bringing creativity to all of my shoots so please don't hesitate to step out of the box and feel free to throw different ideas at me as well! For family sessions I highly suggest if you have small children to bring any snacks or toys to bribe them with and to occupy them so that we are able to get good images. I do my very best to keep children interested and engaged in the photographs being taken given the parents/families help. If you are able to bring a friend or family member along to help that is always beneficial and if not trust me I will do my absolute best! This goes hand in hand if you bring any family pets with you for your session. In regards to props/accessories please feel free to bring what you would like to incorporate in your session. I do not always provide props, but when necessary or asked I will bring what I have. 

5. How soon will I receive my images? 

I pride myself in my editing and taking time to perfect your images. Regular session turn around time is up to 2 weeks depending on how many sessions were before you. Weddings take at least 6-8 weeks depending on how many sessions/weddings were before yours. I will give you an estimate at the time of your session/wedding, but within the first 48 hours I will share a few sneak peeks from your session/wedding to hold you over until they are all finished.