My first blog! Holy crap!

Updated: Apr 6

I'm a little embarrassed to say that it's taken this crazy time in our lives to push myself to finally start blogging. I've put it off for so long, because it seemed tedious & honestly a little confusing, but if I've learned anything during this quarantine it's that getting out of your comfort zone can only help you achieve more goals!

So here I am, doing my best to figure this blogging world out so I can finally share my work with you in a way that is easier and in my eyes, more fun! Now, let's get to it! Y'all ready?!

Now, thinking about what to share first is hard, but I want to share things that seem fitting for what we are going through, especially for you parents out there! I know you all are navigating this world as best as you can, with school at home, keeping your children occupied 24/7, and still trying to work & stay sane. You all are angels & I give you huge kudos! I have a client and dear friend Stacy who is no stranger to the chaos you all are probably going through. With 4 kiddos with huge personalities, running a business with her husband as well as working on her first blog Dirt Roads & Donuts (super fitting if I say so myself. Link to her blog at the bottom of the page) - staying sane is a hard task to manage,

But she handles it all pretty damn well in my opinion. Her kids have the biggest hearts, her husband is so supportive, and she's been a rock for me ever since we met. I'm so happy to be sharing these for my first blog. Here are some fun, silly, and most importantly loving memories from her family lifestyle session at her home/farm. I hope these can show you all that your family photos don't have to always be "done up" and "perfect" - it's more about interacting with each other, doing things you all love together and letting kids be kids! This will also help us capture my favorite things - #candidmoments and #genuineconnection <3 If you enjoy these please feel free to leave a comment or share :) keep your heads up parents & know you are doing your absolute best!

The Pardal Family

When things get too crazy, lock yourself in your bathroom, get in the tub (with or without optional!) and enjoy your favorite snack as quickly as possible before your little monsters figure out a way in! lol In this case Stacy loves her donuts - hence her awesome blog name ;)

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