If you're a bird, I'm a bird

If you've taken a look at my about me section you would know one of my all-time fav love stories is The Notebook!

Allie & Noah aka Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling will always be my fav movie couple, and I get ALL the feels watching their love story unfold each & every time. So it's not a surprise when I say a love like theirs is one I always get excited capturing.

Trent & Indy are such a great example of a love like that, & I'm so excited to finally share their surprise proposal story.

It was Tuesday, two days before Trent was going to be traveling to Florida from Indiana when he reached out to me about his plan. We had only a few short days to get the details ironed out and by some miracle I was available to capture this special moment! From the very beginning Trent was on top of things! (Future clients take note! lol). He communicated extremely well, and had a plan from the start all while keeping it a secret from Indy.

I knew the minute he started drawing diagrams of locations & sending me The Office gifs that we were going to be friends after all this was said and done.

Now even though I've been shooting proposals, weddings, etc for many years now, I STILL get nervous before each shoot, but especially with proposals, just because you want to make sure it all goes right & you actually capture THE moment without ruining it --- so yeah....lots of pressure here y'all!

But no worries, I had a plan on my end as well, and it all ended up going perfectly. Trent made sure to stay in contact with me throughout his day Friday, joking with me here and there & making light of a pretty nerve-wracking situation for himself. Trent was so cool I couldn't wait to meet Indy!

Fast forward to THE moment! It was a beautiful night, very windy & quite chilly, but still so perfect. I was pretty far away, I had a long lens & I made sure to stay in position without looking too suspicious, snapping some beach photos along the way.

After all of the planning the days, and even hours leading up to this moment, I was so excited it was all finally here. As I waited for Trent to walk Indy down the beach and get in position my heart was racing - I could only imagine how Trent was feeling! Then they finally came into sight & I got ready for the big moment.

Trent got down on one knee, said many lovely things to Indy I'm sure, and then popped the question....

AND.....drumroll please.....


It was truly such a great moment, but I think for me the best part was when she finally realized he hired a photographer!!

It was hilarious & so sweet haha. I then ran up to them to high-five Trent & congratulate them! Here's some behind the scenes of that moment for you to enjoy lol thanks with the help of my amazing mama for all the #BTS you'll see in this blog!

We all couldn't stop laughing and chatting about the whole process leading up to me finally meeting them. I seriously felt like I was seeing old friends for the first time in awhile. After we got our formal hello's and introductions out of the way we got to capturing their love! Trent & Indy are seriously the best of friends & have a love that is genuine, sweet, and full of joy. I hope you all enjoy these special moments from their proposal & post-proposal photos. I freakin' love surprise proposals y'all & can't wait to capture more in the future!

Y'all better have seen these gifs coming! ;)

Cheers to Trent & Indy! I wish you love birds lifelong happiness & I hope you both never stop loving like the love on The Notebook!

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