It's true - I LOVE making people feel confident about themselves - especially women, because unfortunately society doesn't make accepting ourselves very easy.


For boudoir sessions I aim to help you feel comfortable and confident.

I want you leaving our session feeling empowered and finding a new found love for yourself inside and out. Your boudoir session can be indoors or outdoors, but I swear going outside and becoming one with nature will help bring this type of session to a whole new level! Hair and makeup can be provided to you at an extra price for this session. 

As you look through my boudoir work I want you to remember that you can be sexy showing as little skin as you are comfortable with. Boudoir sessions do NOT need lingerie, we can make an over-sized sweater and boy shorts work just fine, trust me

This is all about embracing YOU and getting images you will love and cherish of yourself forever. You can do this for your significant other or just for yourself. Couple's boudoir is also something I love to capture as you will see below. Couple's boudoir is something that will help bring you & your significant other even closer and ignite a new fire in your relationship!