About Me

The woman behind the lens

I've always been a lover of love and laughter. Many hardships in life were strengthened by those two things so it's no surprise that I aim to capture those genuine feelings/reactions when you get in front of my lens. With that being said it will come as no surprise that my  all-time favorite movie that I could watch over and over again is The Notebook. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it (& yes that means for you men, too!) Adventurous, wild and silly love is the type of love I truly enjoy capturing. But don't you worry, you may THINK you're not that type of client, you're "awkward" in front of the camera, or whatever, but I promise you after we are done with your session you will think otherwise ;) 
As a photographer I pride myself in being exactly who I am. So you can expect someone who is on time, efficient, directs well, is goofy, and helps you feel comfortable & confident every step of the way. I want to go on adventures with you & capture you & your loved ones in your element. Whether that’s a stroll in the park, or playing in the ocean at the beach; wherever your session with me takes us I promise you it will be filled with fun, love, and a TON of laughter!
I do incorporate some posed shots into your sessions but mainly we will be focusing on you & your loved ones interacting & having fun together so that we can capture those lovely, candid, in-between moments that will truly melt your heart. 
I don’t want to just be your photographer, I want to be your friend, someone you can trust and rely on, and someone who will always be honored to share any special moment with you & your loved ones. I truly believe that photography is an investment that you will never regret because the moments we will capture together will be absolutely priceless! So let’s do this! Tell me all about yourself and what you are looking to have captured, and don’t forget I always welcome your fur babies too!

My love Zach and I in Gatlinburg, TN